After nearly 30 years, Wendy’s gets a new logo as part of their brand refresh. The new logo is part of a repositioning of their food to a higher level in the fast-food hierarchy. The push, headed by new CEO Emil Brolick, includes an updated menu with higher end choices, as well as new employee uniforms and store designs. The new store designs are part of their attempt in raising perceptions about its food. Wendy’s is focusing on renovating outdated restaurants with a look that features natural lighting, flat-screen TVs and a variety of seating options, including cushy chairs in nooks, in hopes to create a more inviting atmosphere where consumers feel they can relax.

After recent rebranding fiascos by Pepsi, Tropicana, Kraft, JCPenny, The Gap, Microsoft and Ebay, it’s nice to see something appealing, even if it is not completely original. Personally the type and color remind me too much of Chick-fil-and Denny’s, but that may not be a bad thing in the competitive fast-food marketplace.

Bad logos are bad business, and diminish the perceived value of design. But Wendy’s and other good brand refreshes are a welcome trend in the design industry especially when it results in higher sales and market position for a client. In restaurants that Wendy’s has renovated as a move to a more positive fast food experience, they have seen an upswing in sales of 25%. With the redesign they expect to even see larger increases. Such results may precipitate into more design work for agencies as competition between companies is beginning to increase.