The Active Table: Every classroom in every elementary school in the US should have one of these. Find out more here.

Monday April 16 is Tax Day in the US. (Usually it is April 15, but it falls on a Sunday this year.) In honor of putting our hard-earned dollars to work for the greater good I’ve included links to several money related free fonts. More

John Cleese on creativity…Nailed it! To see the full 36-minute video on Gizmodo, click here.

“A Trip to the Moon”  Screening Tour

During the next few months, A Trip to the Moon (dir. Georges Méliès) restored to its original 1902 colors and featuring a new soundtrack by the band AIR will be making on-screen appearances along with Lobster Films’ The Extraordinary Voyage (2011), the 78-minute documentary about the film’s original production and recent landmark restoration. More

Seventies Advertising

While working on a project this week that needs to have a 70s-80s vibe I came across these little nuggets of inspiration. Enjoy. More

Anderson Design Group Travel Posters

Spring Break and the Summer travel season is upon us. In honor of the classic American road trip, BiggerLogo is highlighting the Anderson Design Group’s WPA inspired travel posters. More

Free Font Friday 4/6/2012

In honor of Spring Break I went looking for a font that reminded me of the beach. After trolling through a bunch of horrible retro “beachy” font designs I decided use something a little more classy. This weeks Free Font Friday link is Seaside Resort by Nick Curtis available at Font Squirrel. More

Lego Conan

Life-sized Lego sculpture of Conan O’Brien in the lobby of the Turner Broadcasting campus in Atlanta, GA. More