For the past few weeks I’ve been featuring quite a few display typefaces, but this week it’s time for something a little different. Aller, designed by Dalton Maag, is a humanist sans serif workhorse featuring a complete family of seven weights. It can be downloaded at, one of the best for resources well-designed, 100% free, commercial-use fonts. Enjoy!

This week was prep time getting my work ready for the Steampunk art show that’s part of the 2012 Decatur Arts Walk & Festival.

My alter-ego, Captain Alexander Scott of the Terminus Airship Brigade, will be mingling with civilians during the opening night Steampunk party at Worthmore Jewelers on the square in Decatur. Come join us Friday May 24 from 7pm-9pm for fine art, merriment, libations and the celebration of the future that never was courtesy of Worthmore Jewelers.


This comes courtesy of Julian Hansen via It’s an alternate way on how to choose the right font for a project. It’s loosely based on the top 100 Best Typefaces by FontShop. Follow Comic Sans or Bodoni for some added humor.

One thing that does worry me is that an MBA, marketing manager, small business owner, client, or even another “designer” may stumble upon this, not realize the humorous intent, and end up using it. In that situation, I’m not sure who the last laugh is on.

AWWWARDS announces its 100 best free font collections of 2012. These are all professional quality and are supplied through the respective font foundry site. Click here to go to

Australian design studio Red Design Group has created a surreal interior environment for a sugar-free candy store called Sweet Enough in Melbourne. More

This is a great example the difference between the typical type a computer generates (left) and type that has been modified to be easier to read (right). You’ll find more examples of how to improve your typographic skills in Type Matters written by Jim Williams, senior design lecturer at Staffordshire University. A review of the book can be read on I Love Typography.

Type Matters is available from Amazon.