This week’s Free Font Friday link to Cassannet is inspired by the new trailer for “The Great Gatsby.” With Baz Luhrmann at the helm it promises to be a lavish spectacle. The font Cassennet is modern, with strong Art Deco influences. Visit to download it and the cool PDF booklet.


Beautiful letterpress prints of five different Japanese pop-culture icons illustrated in Mexican sugar skull style by JONATHAN KOSHI. Quite a mash up, but it works. Click here to snatch one up.

What a great idea…a bit bulky. Use the 0.7x Wide Angle for sweeping landscapes or get fun warped images with the 0.33x Fisheye. Switch to the 1.5x Telephoto and get nearly two times closer to your subject. Wowza. Buy it at Photojojo

A chair that is a tribute to the future and the past. Made with resin and old jeans and T-shirts it is an example creative sustainability. Designed by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania More


What distinguishes the new Intro free font from FontFabric is the strongly expressed geometric makeup and structure.

The basic letters of the Alphabet like “A”, “O” and “H” are built or based on principles of simple geometric forms – triangles, circles and squares.

In contrast to the Futura font which possesses similar styling, the Intro font preserves the characteristic sharpened edges of the “А”, “V” and “W” letters even in it’s boldened form.

Now the line for the men’s room might be longer than the line to the women’s room. Introducing Guitar Pee. An interactive musical urinal where you can create your own solo then listen to it online. Watch the video and read more here.

Jinha Lee, from the Tangible Media Group of the MIT Media Lab, in collaboration with Rehmi Post and Hiroshi Ishii, has been playing with the idea of manipulating real floating objects in 3-D space to create a truly tactile user interface. His prototype is called the ZeroN, and it will drop your jaw when you see it working for the first (and second and third) time. Read the rest of the story on FastCo.DESIGN