So you think UPC & QR codes are ugly? This might change your mind.


How and Print were at one time prestigious design magazines. They may still be. But this horrible newsletter does not reinforce my confidence that they are still in touch with good design. The one I received from Print the other day was even worse. And that MyDesignShop logo, ouch! C’mon guys you need to up your game if your going to remain relevant.

Not sure if this is a creative/design win or fail? I’ve seen too many companies forget to update their “lorem ipsum” placeholder text before going to print that it makes me wonder if this was a mistake or intentional. Kinda funny either way.

A short video by one of my favorite illustrators.

Just in time for opening day, Laura Worthington has just released a vintage baseball inspired script No. Five. It can be purchased at Click More to see other samples of it in use. More