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Electric Charroin

Contrary to what you may assume, Electric Charroin is not masterminded by an eccentric Steampunk inventor, nor is it run from a gothic basement laboratory. More

Nameplate from a ’66 Thunderbird I photographed near Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Iconic chrome lettering from a bygone era. In contrast, most of today’s automotive logos and nameplates are typographic abominations.

What a cute little video my wife shared with me. Knitting is cool.

Bacon Ipsum

Bacon Ipsum begs the question, “Does your lorem ipsum text long for something a little meatier? Give our generator a try… it’s tasty!” More

Hand-Painted Type from India

OK…more about type today. More

Free Font Fridays

Every Friday I will be posting a great source for a FREE font. Not the junky stuff that’s out on the web, but useful, designer tested fonts. This week is WESTON from FontFabric. More

Remembering Japan

A Year ofter the 2011 Japanese tsunami they are still rebuilding.These Japanese posters show that they have persevered though much over the ages while always having an eye on the future. More

Chattnooga Beer Run

One of my favorite places to stop in Chattanooga, TN is GreenLife Grocer (Now Whole Foods). I usually grab a quick bite and check out the beer selection for cool packaging. These are a few I found on my last trip there. More

So what is BiggerLogo.com?

It is all that inspires. From fiber arts to fishing lures. From wind-up toys to websites. From tattoos to typography. It’s design. It’s more than design.

Several times a week I will be posting what I find interesting, what friends send me, and things from my personal design archives. Visit for ideas. Visit for inspiration. Visit to laugh. Visit to say “That sucks.” There is no right or wrong answer. Design is the marriage of form and function, so even if the “shoe” fits, it may not be the one you want to wear.