First I will admit I’m a Type Aficionado, but there is no excuse for this. (It’s in caps because it is a club I belong to, Society of Typographic Aficionados). For a company called Kernest the kerning on their typefaces is just plain horrible!

Do these things matter? Yes! A company using these fonts will look cheap, and unprofessional. Even if the customers of companies using these fonts don’t even know what kerning is, they will subconsciously “see” something is amiss. It will leave the impression of cheapness, cutting corners, lack of attention to detail, and unprofessionalism. yeah, that’s the impression every company wants to leave.

As a designer, I know how to use software to fix these kerning problems, but most general users (which looks like who they are targeting) will not. Further, do you want to pay a designer for the time to fix the kerning, or should you just pay a little more to buy something of quality right out of the box.

More Bad Kerning

So are Kernest’s discount fonts worth it? I would have to say no. It’s basically a situation of “you get what you pay for.”

Ironically, there are hundreds of great professionally designed free fonts available on FontSquirrel, Lost Type, League of Movable Type, and FontFabric, with good or perfect kerning, so it makes Kernest obsolete.