OK…more about type today.

One of the most interesting sites I’ve run across lately is Hand Painted Type. It is an effort to preserve the ubiquitous sign lettering done by street painters in India. The project aims to collect as many typographic specimen sheets as possible, and digitize them before they become obsolete. Hanif Kureshi of Wieden+Kennedy New Delhi along with a handful of other contributors are the brains behind the operation.


Painter Kafeel

Painter Kafeel (below) is a chromatic font built in nine layers that can be keyed in and “stacked.” The multi-color effect is produced by assigning each layer its own color. It is available from Hand Painted Type for a $50 donation to support their efforts.


Painter Umesh

A free version a a simpler chromatic font, Painter Umesh (below), is available for a free download at the site.

If you use any of these fonts in projects I’d love for you to send me a sample – contact@biggerlogo.com. If I have the chance to use any I’ll post them here on BiggerLogo.com



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