These alphabets, made from naked men to Beyonce, take the artistic potential of the letterform to its limit.

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I remember doing print design. I still do some, but it’s mostly specialty work. Now I mostly do online work. One thing I’ve seen is online has really dumbed down beautiful design. With print we may have had a consistent underlying grid, but each page had a unique design and it was thought out as both an individual design and part of the big picture. Web design seems to have thrown this attention to detail out in the name of cost-savings and “efficiency”. It often seems like engineers, who I see as overworked and not the most visually creative creative (nor should they be), driving the design process. The funny thing is it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m amazed that when folks see good web design that follows more traditional design workflows in producing the end product, they say it’s beautiful or amazing. That type of work takes a huge design effort and programmers who don’t whine at everything being a unique element.

So you think UPC & QR codes are ugly? This might change your mind.


How and Print were at one time prestigious design magazines. They may still be. But this horrible newsletter does not reinforce my confidence that they are still in touch with good design. The one I received from Print the other day was even worse. And that MyDesignShop logo, ouch! C’mon guys you need to up your game if your going to remain relevant.

Not sure if this is a creative/design win or fail? I’ve seen too many companies forget to update their “lorem ipsum” placeholder text before going to print that it makes me wonder if this was a mistake or intentional. Kinda funny either way.

A short video by one of my favorite illustrators.